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Nammu Black

//Nammu Black

Nammu Black


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(34 customer reviews)

Nammu Extra UV Protection with 3 extra sun protection features:
1. square shaped back flip to protect more the neck from the sun.
2. ear flap to better protect the ears from the sun
3.  Soft durable visor/brim to protect the face from the sun

  • UPF 50+ sun protection
  • Ties in the back for perfect fit and comfort
  • Designed to be stylish and functional
  • Stays in place during any water activity
  • Can be used in and out of the water



In stock


Nammu swimming bandana hats are a fashionable UV protective swimming hat designed to protect the head from the sun while in and around water.

  • Made of spandex, flexible and durable fabric.
  • Dries quickly and is easy to wash.
  • Designed to be stylish and functional
  • Can be used in and out of the water
  • Won’t fall of your head in the water
  • Black Nammu Hats  come in XL size as well. Best fit for larger heads.

Black is the color of authority and  power. It is popular in fashion, and it is one of the most popular Nammu hat color. It is also stylish and timeless. When you put on your Black Namuu swim cap you feel the  power of knowing your head is protected while you are enjoying the waves, the sun, and life!


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34 reviews for Nammu Black

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  1. robin and scott

    I did a google search for UV sunhats and came across nammu hats, and i’m so happy I did. We love our nammu and we’re looking forward to using it in Mexico in a few weeks! Hola

  2. CORY

    your cap work for vitiligo. I have vitiligo (a skin disease).
    Its not good to be exposed in the sun. So these swim hats work great for me. But you might want to advertise on some vitiligo sites to get more exposure so more people can know about your site.

  3. john

    We had a great holiday and loved the swimming hat. Two weeks snorkelling and swimming around the Pacific Islands.
    I found it very comfortable and protected my head from the hot sun.

    John D, Australia

  4. Jen

    just wanted to say i love my son’s new swim hat – it is perfect! he has cornrows that need to be covered while swimming.
    thanks for making a hat that stays on and looks cool too!

    Jen U, Billings, MT United States

  5. Betsy

    I have had alopecia for the past 10 years and because I wear a wig it has really limited my participation in anything to do with water.

    I found your Nammu cap before we went on vacation in hopes that it would allow me to join my family for more adventures. It was great! Here’s a picture of me snorkeling with my Nammu cap. I wore a hair halo underneath the cap and it worked just great – the cap held the hair piece very securely. I also wore it when we went sailing and I loved not having to worry about my wig. And then there was being able to swim in a pool for the first time in about 10 years. How wonderful being able to have races with my kids!

    I’m very happy with my Nammu

    Thank you so much for all your help getting it to me – it really changed my vacation experience and I really appreciate it.
    Betsy W. Glendale, California

  6. sam & adam

    perfect hats for snorkling!!! We wanted to send you a Thank you note. Your hats were great hit on our snorkeling trip to the red sea. We snorkels all day long with out worrying about the sun burning our heads. We snorkeled for long time, our Nammu caps are very helpful.

  7. AB

    Nammu swimcap was the only one that work for me. I love to wind surf and I’m getting bold. Still want to keep my cool in the water and on the beach.

  8. Beth NJ

    I bought the black nammu for my son, and the pink nammu for me. We got them few days ago and already went to the beach few times and they are comfortable and stay on the head, even my picky son put it on.

  9. Kimberly S

    I have one in black and one white, I love using it! It’s perfect for holding back my long hair when I’m scuba diving and snorkeling. Thank you!
    Kimberly, California

  10. Ami

    I’m using Nemo hat for any sport activity mainly jogging and cycling it’s really comfortable and cool hat !! you should try it.

  11. Dave

    I have to admit the Nammu hat was exactly what I was looking for when going to the beach or hanging by the pool for the day. I could swim with it on, it dried quickly, and it looks pretty cool. More importantly, my wife loves the look.
    As someone who is thinning on top, the days of rubbing sunscreen through my hair to protect my head are over!

  12. sara hunter (verified owner)

  13. Arnon (verified owner)

    Perfect beach cover for in-sea activities. Wore it on the islands; many asked it where I got it. Customer service very responsive and accommodating. First class all-around.

  14. SUSAN GIBNEY (verified owner)

  15. LuAnn Burgers (verified owner)

  16. Don Murchison (verified owner)

    This is a great product. Really pleased with it. Have been out kayaking, rolling my kayak and swimming with it, and it was just fantastic. Have already recommended it to my friends.

  17. Shelley S. (verified owner)

    Always happy with our purchases from Nammu Hats! We have bought around 5 over the years and they hold up very well for keeping my son’s cochlear implants on in the pool. We love them and they look very nice on too.

  18. Anonymous (verified owner)

  19. Susan (verified owner)

  20. Brian (verified owner)

  21. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great quality! Fantastic service! Always a very positive experience!!

  22. Magnus Högqvist (verified owner)

  23. Anonymous (verified owner)

  24. Marcia B. (verified owner)

  25. robin a. (verified owner)

    Quick delivery, good product

  26. Friede Hunt (verified owner)

  27. Kate (verified owner)

    These hats are amazing! My 10 year old daughter lost all of her hair suddenly this year due to alopecia areata. We are so grateful we found these hats! She wears them everywhere and feels completely confident in them. She has worn them in the pool, on huge rollercoasters at Six Flags, in the heat at summer camp, and has never had a problem with them falling off or feeling loose 🙂 She loves these hats so much we now have one in every color so she can match her hat with her outfit! Thank you for making such an amazing product!

  28. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Theses are also great wearing under bike helmets and out in public wished you made other type hats too

  29. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Purchased for my son (8 yrs old, dual implanted). Is easier to use and keeps them in place better than the manufacturers’ option. My son also likes the bandana/pirate look.

  30. Mike Kneeland (verified owner)

  31. Kyla Konowalcuk (verified owner)

  32. Kimberly (verified owner)

    Comfortable, not hot and stayed on for a day of boating. Love it!

  33. ROBERT STUTMAN (verified owner)

  34. ALEXANDREA CORP (verified owner)

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