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My son has Alopecia Universalis. Completely hairless including no eyelashes or eyebrows. These nammu hats are a life saver in hot south Florida. My son plays soccer and football water parks. This is a god send. I order at least one every summer so I have two for him at all times. Please come out


Susan G. New Jersey, USA

I just wanted to show my appreciation. If you recall, I needed those Nammu hats in 24 hours, and you came through! My daughter received her hats in time for our vacation. Thank you so much! They are awesome hats!  It even stayed on through the FloRider!


Laura G. Dublin, Ireland

Hell and Back in a Nammu Hat! Hello there and greetings from Dublin, Ireland, I wanted to drop you a line to say that our 6 year old recently completed his first Hell and Back event (which is a 1km obstacle course through water mud, under netting, over trees... it was fantastic). He has bilateral


Janice R.

I love my yellow hat. Great color so I am noticeable by boaters, when I swim with it in the lake. It is comfortable to wear and stay on my head while open water swimming.


Joanne B.

Just got my hat in the mail, and wanted to let someone at your company know just how pleased I am with it! The hat fits perfectly, and it came really quickly, two thumbs up,thank-you!


Tina J.

Hello Last summer I purchased 2 of your hats for my 2 and 4 year old girls. My 4 year old has cochlear implants and this hat allowed her to keep her implants on (with the aqua covers) while swimming, jumping and diving! My 2 year old loved it because she hates it when the


Joy B.

My son wears Cochlear implants. I have two nammu hats. They are wonderful! They are attractive, comfortable to wear and most of all he can hear in the swimming pool. It's so wonderful watching him enjoy being part of the fun! I highly recommend them.  Thanks so much!


Owens mom Mindy from northern Ontario

This hat is awesome.  I can't wait to try it in the water with my 3.5 year old son.  He wears advance bionic Neptune processors.  I love how we can clip the processors to the hat.


Jessica J.

I can't say enough about the Nammu Hat. My daughter is very fair skinned and wears bilateral cochlear implants. She would not have been able to wear her processors in the ocean without this hat. Being that she is so fair skinned I was also able to send her out in the sun without worrying


Wayne M.

Got my hat , now summer is  here I have been to our beach and found it's  just the thing to wear in the water and more sunburnt bald  head !.   Great product, the reversiable  feature is good too. Makes a change. May even wear it winter to keep my head warn,it won't blow