Nammu Hats are great solution for kids and adults with cochlear implant to put it in place, comfortably and fashionably, while swimming.

Wearing Nammu hat with Cochlear Implants in an aqua bag, make sure the processor will stay in place while swimming, playing and even diving into the water, therefor allow to hear in the water. Work great for swimming lessons, play with friends and even just swimming laps.

NOTE: The regular size hat is the BEST fit for kids with cochlear implant. Even for a baby!

How to use cochlear aqua accessory with Nammu Hats.


Here is what some of our clients say:

lindseycochlear-sMy daughter is hearing impaired and uses a cochlear implant to hear

I just wanted to share with you how wonderful I find your hat. My daughter is hearing impaired and uses a cochlear implant to hear. It is not waterproof so we have to put in a waterproof bag and then use a swim cap to help keep it in place if she wants to hear in the pool. She has tried several different swim caps but this was by far the best. It is very stylish and was so easy to use. Thank you so much for making this available. It truly has made our life better. I have shared your information with a group of Moms on Facebook who also have kiddos with cochlear implants.
Yvette, Lindsey’s Mom

kennedy-au-sU have no idea how amazing this is for us!!!

Here is a picture of our London Boy- with his new Nammu Cap and his Cochlear AquaBags!!! Headed out the door to swimming lessons!! Thank you so much!!! U have no idea how amazing this is for us!!!



louise-au3my son and nammu hat

Here are some pics of my son wearing his Nammu hat. In each pic he is wearing his cochlear implant in it’s waterproof bag underneath the hat. My fave picture is the one of my son with his face in the water. This is an incredible moment as without his Nammu hat his implant would literally float of his head.


lauren-ca-she loves his “special hat” that he has to wear with his “special ears”

My 3 year old son, swimming and hearing. (You can see his cochlear implants peeking out from under his Nammu hat). We tried it out, and he loves his “special hat” that he has to wear with his “special ears” when he swims. We will be ordering more and passing the word on friends. People say he looks like a pirate!! 🙂



Thank you a life changing product

My daughter wears a cochlear implant and uses a waterproof Alosak bag and your Nammu hat. It works wonderful to allow her to hear us while swimming. She can even now take swim lessons and hear the instructor. I have passed along your company’s information and have had several parents from Missouri, North Carolina, and other states purchase your product. Our friends have even used the bag and Nammu hat at the beach as well to prevent sand from getting into the implant. Thank you for making such a huge difference in our children’s lives. My child went from being frightened in the pool due to silence to an avid swimmer.

Since I firmly believe in your product I would like to pass on some information that may help your company grow. I wanted to write you to make you aware that the Cochlear company is now coming out with a single use waterproof bag. I think it will work better than the current Alosak bag we use. However, as a parent I still feel better with the Nammu hat on to ensure that the cochlear implant bag won’t fall off my daughter’s head and if I see the hat is no longer on my child’s head then I know to immediately look for the bag with her implant.
Thank you again for such a life changing product.
I am deeply appreciative.


Videos made by our customers, showing how to use Nammu with Cochlear implants in the water:

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