Alopecia – Swimming with Nammu Swimming Hats

People with Alopecia find Nammu to be a great solution for their need when it is come to swimming or playing in water. Nammu swim cap protecting their head form the sun comfortably and fashionably.

Nammu hats can be worn with or without wig, with confidence. 

Nammu is recommend by Alopecia web sites to their members. On US National Areata Foundation: as well as on Australia Alopecia Areata Foundation: and Canada:

Here is what some of our clients say:

betsy-sI’m very happy with my Nammu

I have had alopecia for the past 10 years and because I wear a wig it has really limited my participation in anything to do with water.

I found your Nammu cap before we went on vacation in hopes that it would allow me to join my family for more adventures. It was great! Here’s a picture of me snorkeling with my Nammu cap. I wore a hair halo underneath the cap and it worked just great – the cap held the hair piece very securely. I also wore it when we went sailing and I loved not having to worry about my wig. And then there was being able to swim in a pool for the first time in about 10 years. How wonderful being able to have races with my kids!

I’m very happy with my Nammu

Thank you so much for all your help getting it to me – it really changed my vacation experience and I really appreciate it.
Betsy W. Glendale, California

katieballstonwe LOVE these fashionable caps!

Nammu..we LOVE these fashionable caps! We have three of them and will be ordering more. My daughter has alopecia areata and has lost hair several times.

These caps boost her self esteem as well as protect her head.

We are very impressed with the quality and customer service we have received.

The Flood Family, Ballston Lake, NY

art7-mOur daughter has alopecia she loves and nammu hats

Just wanted to say thank you for the fantastic product. Our daughter has alopecia and for her to keep a hat on her head at the beach is near impossible not to mention swimming. We ordered several of these caps and she loves them every beach and pool photo we have she is wearing them. It is so reassuring to know that they have sun protection and they are also very cool and comfortable to wear she loves them.

Thank you from us and especially our daughter!!
Stacey M, Nova Scotia, Canada

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