Water sports with nammu hat is the fun and healthy choice 

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No matter what is your favorite water activity; surfing of all kind, sailing, boating, snorkeling, rowing swimming, tubing or jumping on water blow up trampoline, as long as it involves water, sun and lots of wet active fun. We LOVE it too, and we would love you, and everyone you care about, to enjoy the water, the sun and the wet fun for a long, long time. But been expose to the sun harmful UV rays, while you in the water, especially these days, it is dangerous for the short term (dehydration) and the long term (cancer and skin diseases).

This is why we developed Nammu and designed it to fit snugly, it ties in the back for extra strength and a better fit, therefor insure it will not fall of the head during any water activity you like, no matter how active it is. We also know, that everyone want to look good, trendy and “cool” especially when out there on the water, which is why we fashioned Nammu as a trendy fitted bandana, with variety of colors and print to choose form.

We protect you where its matter the most so you can do what you love as long as you want.

In the water

  • Swimming
  • Rescue swimming
  • Surf lifesaving
  • Water polo
  • Synchronized swimming
  • Fin swimming
  • Water aerobics
  • Water gymnastics
  • Snorkeling
  • Diving off springboards or off platforms
  • A water slide

Underwater water

  • Diving
  • Scuba diving
  • Free-diving
  • Apnea – The practice of not breathing for extended times.
  • Underwater rugby
  • Underwater hockey – Hockey played under water with short wooden curved sticks and a heavy puck. Players wear diving masks, snorkels, and fins, and must surface to breathe while team mates continue the game on the pool bottom.

Near the water

  • Boating
  • Bodyboarding
  • Canoeing
  • Canoe Polo
  • Dragon Boat Racing
  • Fishing
  • Hydroplane racing
  • Jet sprint boat racing
  • Kayaking
  • Kite surfing
  • Motor boating
  • Offshore powerboat racing
  • Parasailing – A person is towed behind a boat while attached to a parachute
  • Rowing
  • Sailing

SUP Stand Up Paddle boarding

Stand up paddle surfing and stand up paddle boarding (SUP) is an offshoot of surfing originated in Hawaii. Unlike traditional surfing where the rider sits until a wave comes, stand up paddle boarders stand on their boards and use a paddle to propel themselves through the water.

This is our most poplar SAP hats:

Wind surfing

Wind surfing is great fun sport loved by people all over the world. The wind, the water, the speed, the sun…. what can beat that?

So why not make it even better, and protect your self from the sun harmful UV rays while you surf.

When you wear Nammu you can be sure your head will not get burnt from the sun, and your Nammu will stay on no matter how extreme and active you get, or many times you may fall off. You can be sure your head is protected all of the hours you spend in sun, so you can just focus on fun.

This is our most popular hat styles for wind surfing:


Snorkeling is great fun and relaxing water activity. Good snorkel and goggles allow endless hours of under water observation of exotic fishes and reefs and corals. The combination of blue sky above, and blue water under, the fresh air and the open outdoor is priceless and wonderful. The sun ray shining on the water reveal a world of beauty and mystery. Snorkeling is easy fun activity the whole family can participate and enjoy.

But when you are snorkeling your head expose to the sun for a long time. This exposure with the magnifying sun effect of the water is dangerous and can cause sun burn or even skin cancer on sever cases. Nammu swim cap is perfect for this job. Nammu swimming cap was design especially for sun protection in the water. Nammu swimming cap design as fitted fashionable bandana and can be tied in the back to ensure it won’t fall off in the water while you are enjoying snorkeling.

Nammu swim caps comes in verity of colors and print which make it appealing to any taste. Adults and kids can wear Nammu hat when snorkeling, and in the sea of “snorkeling heads” in the water, wearing Nammu will help you recognizance the people you are with, even when their faces are in the water. Don’t delay order your Nammu swim hat before your next snorkeling trip. Nammu provide you reliable, factional and stylish head protection while snorkeling and scuba diving.

This is our most poplar snorkeling hats styles:

Wave surfing

Wave Surfing is a popular sport and leisure activity allover the world. Out there in the open sea riding the waves just you and your surf broad what a great feel of freedom and enjoyment of what nature has to offer, big blue sky, water, waves, open air, wind, sun and even sand.
Many of wave surfers developed their own unique “surfers” culture and clothing, giving them the “surfer look”. Swimwear suite, and sun protective shirt are often been wear. They add to the “cool” surfer looks and smart in protecting form the sun all this long hours in the water where sun lotion is just not enough.

Many surfers now realize how dangers is the long exposure to the sun, and how important it is to protect as much of your body as you can. In addition to the sun protective swim suit and shirt many of them adopted Nammu hat as their official “cool” and smart choice to protect their head while wave surfing.

Nammu sport active hat, design as fitted bandana, the tie in the back make it “fall prof” so no matter how active you are or how many times you fall or high are the waves, Nammu surfing hat, won’t fall of your head while you are wave surfing, providing you functional and stylish sun protection in and under the water. Don’t delay order your Nammu hat now, and make a splash wherever you go.

This is our most popular wave surfing hat’s styles:

On the water

This is our favorite styles for on the water sports such as canoe, kayaking, sailing etc. :

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