The sun is hot, the sweat is purring? Nammu hat on your head will save the day Biking is great active outdoor sport, wether you are mountain biking or road biking, the sky, the view the open air, the wind follow you along. Biking is a fun sport at any age and any level. You can ride your bike in a group of friend, with family or you spouse, or on your own however you enjoy it. You can ride fast or slow, high or low but you are alywas outside enjoying the great outdoors.

When biking always care about safety first, you must wear an helmet and it is good idea to use other protective gear like knee pads. When it is sunny always apply sunscreen on your expose body parts. You should reapply sun lotion every 2 hours. The sun penetrates through your helmet slits and cause sun burn to your scalp. Nammu hat is the perfect solution for you when biking, it will protect your head form the sun while absorbing the sweat preventing it form getting into your eyes and destruct you.

Nammu made out of flexible, breathable spandex and comes in various styles and colors. Shaped like cool, stylish bandana Nammu will make a difference and a smart statement on the road or off the road.

Don’t wait order your Nammu hat today, and you will be reday for your next bike ride.


I love the Nammu bandana hat

I used to use a bandana to stop the sweat from getting in my eyes but ever since I have started

wearing the nammu bandana, I feel much more comfortable, it feels lighter and more fitted on my head, doesn’t move or need readjusting during the game and does a much better job of keeping the sweat from stinging my eyes. I recommend it for anyone who has a problem with sweat while playing hockey.

Steven B., Toronto, Canada

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