Giving back for a good cause

We encourage organizations to contact us for Nammu donations and give-ways

Chemotherapy program

If you or anyone you know going through chemotherapy treatment and would like a hat, we will give you a big discount toward your hat/s. please contact us for details.

Nammu and Sickkids Hospital

Nammu donates hats to kids, who are going through chemotherapy treatments at the sickkids hospital in Toronto, and their families.

Nammu and NAAF/CAAF

Nammu Swimming Hats and the National Alopecia Areata Foundation work together for the benefit of NAAF members. As well as with Canadian Alopecia Areata Foundation.

Nammu swimming cap in the Relay for life

We were honored to donate our Nammu hats to Cancer survivors at the Relay of life organize by the Canadian cancer society

How you help us, help our planet?

Because we strongly believe that Nammu swim cap’s benefits speak for themselves, we do not unnecessarily package Nammu in plastic non recyclable poly bags (The plastic warps most products uses for packaging). By not using poly bags, Nammu stays affordable, and this way we say thank you for letting us avoid using excessive materials.