We are happy to introduce Nammu UV Multi Wrap.

The stylish UV multi wrap is designed to protect your body from the sun. The Nammu wrap is a rectangular shaped scarf/wrap with holes for your arms to fit comfortably through.  This unique design allows the scarf to function in many different ways.


The wrap can be worn as a scarf, or fit comfortably around your body or waist.  The scarf can also be used to wrap around your head, or to sit on at the beach.  While walking around, you can wear the scarf as a fitted shawl when you use the holes for your arms.

The wrap is available in fashionable solid colours which look great over a bathing suit.  You can also wear it over a dress at night, at a resort or at the cottage.   Most importantly, having the wrap with you in the sun wherever you are, will provide you with comfortable stylish sun protection.  The scarf is washable, durable, comfortable and looks great on anyone


Product Description

The Nammu UV Multi wrap is a stylish sun protective swim wrap/scarf designed to protect your body from the sun while in and around water, As well.

  • Stylish wrap
  • Designed to be stylish and functional
  • Can be worn in multi styles, and in many ways
  • Unique design with holes for your arms, for extra comport and fit
  • Can be used in and out of the water.
  • You can also sit on it at the beach , or wrap it around your head if you forgot your Nammu hat at home