Nammu UV protective swimming bandana, have many advantages making them the perfect purchase for your whole family.


Innovative and Stylish Design

Nammu swim cap has been designed knowing that it doesn’t matter how well it protects from the sun, if it doesn’t look “cool” no one is going to wear it!

So, we fashioned Nammu after a trendy fitted bandana, that ties in the back for extra strength and a better fit ensuring that it stays in place during any water activity.

Nammu swimming hat is made from spandex and is very easy to care for:
simply rinse it in water after every use. It dries fast and can easily be tucked away in a small bag or pocket.

Extra Protection Where You Need it Most

Nammu protects your head from the sun’s harmful UV rays but not only that! Nammu was designed to cover the ears for extra sun protection and has a triangle flap in the back to increase the “cool” factor while protecting the delicate skin on the back of the neck from sunburn.

Wearing Nammu will also protect your hair form the sun and the dirt in the water and will stop hair from clogging up pool drains plus, hair won’t get tangled up in goggle straps when you’re wearing Nammu!

Nammu is Great for Everyone!

Everyone in the family will love Nammu!


Babies love the Junior Red Nammu because it stays in place unlike other sunhats that slide down over their eyes so they can’t see what’s going on around them.

Parents love Nammu because their kids love to wear it, so sun protection for the head is one less thing to worry about! And, because Nammu swim caps come in bright, colourful designs it’s easy for parents to spot their children in a crowded pool, beach or park.

Even teenagers find Nammu “cool” enough to wear around their friends because of the stylish bandana design and great colours and patterns. Nammu is even great for sports!

Nammu may have been designed as an underwater sun protective swim cap, but our customers find many other uses for it when running, jogging or exercising outdoors to protect their head from the sun while absorbing sweat.

Nammu is also great for sports especially under helmets like for cycling, hockey or baseball and it’s comfortable enough to wear all day.


And because Nammu fits snugly and will not fall off during any activity, it is been used by our customers for many kinds of extreme water sports including kayaking, canoeing, wind and wave surfing, scuba diving and snorkeling. Where your head is close to the water’s and is exposed to the harmful UV rays from the sun, Nammu is there.