Nammu Hats was established in 2008, with a clear mission and a goal to provide comfortable, stylish and useful sun protection in the water to everyone.  Fashioned like a trendy bandana, Nammu stays in place during any water activity.  Nammu UV protective swimming bandanas was created originally for kids.  However we currently have customers all over the world varying  from active water sports enthusiasts such as surfing, snorkeling and scuba diving ,to  handsomely bald men and health aware parents. We are especially proud to be adopted by the National Alopecia Areata Foundation (NAAF), people with Cochlear Implants and chemotherapy patients all over the world. Our customers use  Nammu hats not only for health reasons, but to boost their self confidence on the beach or at the pool.

We strive to take great pride and attention to customer care. Our vision includes giving each customer personal attention and excellent customer service. We encourage feedback and open communication with our customers and we receive many testimonials.  Our clients are our best advertisers, spreading the word about Nammu online, on beaches and pools across the globe.

Since we began producing the Nammu swim cap, we have continuously added new designs and styles to satisfy our customers. Nammu is your online source for sun blocking swimming hats and our store offers a wide variety of designs and colors. We welcome you to visit our Nammu website to choose your hat. The Hats are a healthy choice for  any outdoor activity and are comfortable and stylish.  Soon we will be offering a brand new product line to protect the upper body which will include stylish designs and most importantly, protection from the sun.

Who We Are


With my boys

Nammu was created to promote a more healthy lifestyle for my 3 boys who love the outdoors and water activities. They spend hours in the sun, swimming, diving, splashing and playing in the water. I was very worried about the extended hours of exposure to sun and  harmful UV rays which are stronger when magnified under water. While their bodies were protected with sun blocking swimwear, UVA and UVB sunscreen lotion, their  heads were exposed to the sun all of the time.

I was even more concerned when I found out that my eldest son had growing brown spots on his head, due to extended sun exposure.  I had to find a solution and  started a search for a sun hat that  they can wear while in the water. I tried many different hats but nothing seemed to work. Many sun hats we tried  would fall off in the water, and those hats with visors, would be obstructive under water. Cotton bandana and other wraps were getting soggy, quickly fill up with water and would fall off their heads. The most commonly seen silicon swim cap wasn’t comfortable for fun, play and swim in the sun.  Lycra (spandex), although comfortable on the head, did not pass the “cool” test, and my kids refused to wear it. While searching for the perfect solution for under water head  protection, it became abundantly clear that UV protective head gear was either not effective or nonexistent. I  seached for a suitable hat on beaches, splash pads, swimming pools and water parks but could not find a suitable product.



With my boys

I decided to develop a sun protective swim cap and Nammu hats was created. Envisioned as a fashionable sun protecting swimming cap that stays on your head all day long!, It also passed my kids’ rigorous test. . Since it’s inception Nammu swim caps continues to grow, offering a variety of designs and styles. We sell the hats exclusively online, and in a few retail stores. Nammu swimming hats are being sold all over the world, and we pride ourselves for giving personal attention and service to all of our customers. Our customers are our best advertisers, spreading the word about Nammu  hats online, at beaches and pools across the globe.  Nammu hats are worn wherever water, fun and sun go together.