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Tina J.

Hello Last summer I purchased 2 of your hats for my 2 and 4 year old girls. My 4 year old has cochlear implants and this hat allowed her to keep her implants on (with the aqua covers) while swimming, jumping and diving!  My 2 year old loved it because she hates it when the

Joy B.

My son wears Cochlear implants. I have two nammu hats. They are wonderful! They are attractive, comfortable to wear and most of all he can hear in the swimming pool. It's so wonderful watching him enjoy being part of the fun! I highly recommend them.  Thanks so much!

Owens mom Mindy from northern Ontario

This hat is awesome.  I can't wait to try it in the water with my 3.5 year old son.  He wears advance bionic Neptune processors.  I love how we can clip the processors to the hat.

Jessica J.

I can't say enough about the Nammu Hat. My daughter is very fair skinned and wears bilateral cochlear implants. She would not have been able to wear her processors in the ocean without this hat. Being that she is so fair skinned I was also able to send her out in the sun without worrying

Wayne M.

Got my hat , now summer is  here I have been to our beach and found it's  just the thing to wear in the water and fishing.........no more sunburnt bald  head !.   Great product, the reversiable  feature is good too. Makes a change. May even wear it winter to keep my head warn,it won't blow

Zozo S.

My daughter and I, both love our nammu hats. great for fun day on the beach, so cute and funky. this is greta product which I will share with other parents for sure.

Cathy G.

This swim cap is a great product. Having recently completed chemo, I was looking for coverage for my head while in the pool. This offers sun protection, is comfortable to wear and decent looking. It stays firmly in place while diving. So happy to have found you online! You're helping to make my summer an

Sean D.

I enjoy SUP even more now, with my new hat protecting my head from the sun. It is comfortable and looks good too. Thank you

Becky F.

I wanted to profusely thank you for making such a wonderful hat. My daughter is bald from trichotillomania. We bought a Nammu hat for swimming this summer. But my daughter saw a use beyond that. She's on a gymnastics team and was tired of wearing her bulky wig with much adhesive tape. The Nammu hat


I recently received a swim cap compliments of your chemotherapy program. I LOVE it! Thank you for returning me to the water. I love, without embarrassment. I like to order a white swim cap but I see they are out of stock. Can you tell me when they will be available again? Thanks for the