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New product added to the Nammu family – UV Multi Wrap

We are happy to introduce Nammu UV Multi Wrap. The stylish UV multi wrap is designed to protect your body from the sun. The Nammu wrap is a rectangular shaped scarf/wrap with holes for your arms to fit comfortably through.  This unique design allows the scarf to function in many different ways. The wrap can

New hats design: Extra UV Protection

We are happy to introduce NEW extra sun protection nammu style. We added a 4 new hats style to our growing nammu collection. These hats provide with even more sun protection, style and comfort in the water. Check it out: here

Comparison between SOFT brim nammu hat, to HARD visor nammu hat

SOFT brim nammu HARD visor nammu hat Soft visor/brim Durable and flexible brim. Easy to fold and care for Wider brim provide more facial shade protection Looser fit Hard visor/brim Snaps button, snap visor to the hat’s top Provide shade on the face out of the water, while still comfortable enough to swim under water

1 in 5 people will develop skin cancer

Did you know 1 in 5 people will develop skin cancer? One of the main risk factor to skin cancer is Unprotected and/or excessive exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Nammu hats are stylish swim caps that provide UV protection. Made from UV protection fabric, they come in cool designs, functional and stylish. ORDER YOURS TODAY!

Custom your nammu hat

Now you can custom your nammu hat, and make it not only your favorite sun protection, but your own unique creation. Use nammu waterproof fabric markers, to customize your nammu hat with your own, or your children/grandchildren art and design, that will not come off in the water. Add more fun to be safe in

Pick of the week Savvymom.ca

http://www.savvymom.ca/index.php/pick/nammu-swim-hat-with-visor Nammu Swim Hat with Visor Moms know that kids’ perfect skin needs lots of protection from the sun’s rays—and that heading out beach or poolside in the summer means a good hat is a must—preferably one with UV protection in the fabric. We’ve long been fans of Nammu hats for their ability to stay

Our latest and greatest Nammu hat with Visor

Finely it is here. How to wear the nammu hat with visor: when out of the water, the visor is open to provide shade to the face. when in the water clip the visor with the press stud button. This way the visor wont disturb while swimming or playing in the water